-image-Welcome To Orange McFishy Land

Well in case you’re all wondering if I’ve lost my mind in creating a domain called orange mcfishy here’s the story of his origin.

About a year ago I was working on a database for a non-profit organization up in Prince George. I was near the end of the design process but really needed to be able to test things to finish up and find any bugs I hadn’t anticipated. Now you would think that creating fictional people to fill some database tables would be easy to do, nope. I started getting creative after I used up all the immediate family members and even the not so immediate ones. At the time we had our fish tank pretty close to my computer and while staring at our goldfish I came up with Orange McFishy. If you look back at some of the names I was using you can get and idea of what was around me at the time. Some of the names in my old backups are ones like Jill Pill, Smelly Cat, Phoebe Dog (obviously watching Friends for those ones), The Simpsons must have come on after as I’ve got all their names listed too. Then it just got silly: Goober McFlee, Cokey Black, Nike Shoe, Testy McTest and Garfield Furball, obviously I was enjoying the use of Mc that day.

So over that last year or so the only one that really stuck was orange mcfishy and I’ve started using it here and there for stuff. Mainly I use it when sending test emails or writing test blog posts. The sample text is usually something like “Orange McFishy says this is a test.”

Last night in a moment of severe tapioca brain I decided to register orangemcfishy.com. We’re not totally sure what to do with it yet but it’s ours for at least a year anyways. I also decided to try out a small orange (heard good reviews from Linz) and they’re pricing is really good, better than we’ve got with our other web hosting company.

So that’s the whole story, you may probably still think I’ve lost my mind, but that’s ok because Orange McFishy says “this is only a test.”


It’s a new puter, new hosting company, new domain, new weblog evening. How exciting.

-image-Hello world!

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